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Diesel Performance Packages & Kits

Dodge Cummins Performance Packages & Kits

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Ford Powerstroke Performance Packages & Kits

Ford Powerstroke Performance Packages from Dieselops.com

Maximize the output of your powerstroke without breaking the bank! We have put together some of the best performance packages for the 6.4L & 6.7L ford powerstroke. Everything you need to transform your stock Powerstroke to a powerful street machine is available in a money saving package. Choose from the top available tuners like the H&S Mini-Maxx, Spartan Phalanx, DPF-R and many more. Not sure exactly which tuner is right for you? We have that covered! Just click on the "Tuner Help" banner for your desired vehicle and we will break each tuner down and help you make the best choice to fit your application and budget.


Why Should I choose a Performance Package?

Choosing a performance package is the best way to save money, whether you are doing a tuner & intake kit or if you are doing a full Tuner, Intake, egr delete and exhaust system. Buying in a bundle allows us to ship items together as well as extend the deepest discounts possible. Another reason to choose a performance package is more power! while some people are content with the stock power their Cummins, Powerstroke or Duramax produce but lets be real, 99% of us are looking for every performance gain we can get our hands on. Performance packages also help to increase air flow which ultimately allow a diesel engine to breathe better and a larger exhaust will allow exhaust gasses to easily exit the vehicle which will reduce EGT's which is very important.

Does a Cold Air Intake Actually Make a Difference?

In one word, ABSOLUTELY! Adding a cold air intake (CAI) to your diesel engine can instantly wake a sleeping giant. While simply choosing to go with an open box intake is still a good choice because it will also increase airflow, it is not the BEST way to go and here is why. a closed box or cold air intake will draw cooler, denser air from outside of the vehicle which will feed the hot turbo cool air instead of hot "under the hood" air which will keep EGT's from getting out of control. Along with that cooler air comes significantly higher flow rates compared to stock air boxes which will not only flow cooler, denser air, but will flow more of it.

Why Should I upgrade my Exhaust System?

Upgrading to a bigger exhaust can instantly move more exhaust which can lower EGT's as well as make your vehicle sound better at the same time. The principal of upgrading is a little bit easier than choosing a new system and you need to keep a few things in mind. The first thing is what type of material you want whether it is Stainless Steel or Aluminized. you will also need to figure out whether you want a 4 or a 5 inch system and with or with out the muffler. Las of course is whether you want a system with or without the exhaust tip. Another thing to keep in mind is that bigger is not always better when it comes to exhaust systems, some of you may not want a crazy loud exhaust and in that case you do not want a 5 inch race exhaust.

What is a DPF?

A DPF is a Diesel Particulate Filter also known to some of us as "the devil". Emissions equipped vehicles started around the 07 -8 time frame and probably had good intentions. The real truth is that the DPF is clogged, has clogged or will clog very soon even though there are cleaning cycles that are supposed to prevent that. When the DPF clogs you are faced with a choice and this one unfortunately can cost you some serious money. You can either replace the DPF which is quite expensive for as power robbing as it is or you can delete it. Of course deleting the DPF is for OFF ROAD USE ONLY and this next part is for that purpose only. Deleting the DPF is quite easy and cost effective to remedy the clogged DPF situation and there a number of RACE ONLY tuners to go along with them.

What is the Best Diesel Tuner for Me?

While for some consumers this can be a cut and dry answer, some of you may have no clue which tuner is right for you and your budget. There are tuners from $150 and some that will pass the $1500 mark which may seem crazy but it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. The first step is emissions compliant tuning or a RACE ONLY application. that will help you narrow it down, but you will still have a large list and you can take the next step and choose whether you want a screen to display diagnostics or not. after that you can narrow it down by price & tuning capabilities. While this is for the most part up to you as the consumer, we can help explain the capabilities of each tuner on the "Tuner Help" page that can be seen under each category above.